ENERGISING THROUGH ENGLISH in IRELAND: 1-week and 2-week Courses

Photo: Marge Simpson / pixelio.de

Energising Through English is a new and unique one-week or two-week course for participants who wish to improve their command of English in the context of Mindfulness, Presence and
Self-Awareness at work and in one's everyday life. The course includes interactive presentations on Ireland and the Culture of Ireland and incorporates visits to fascinating places of interest in and around Dublin.

Course 1, From Me to We, starts on the first Monday of each month from March to November. We explore what an awakened company means, the different models of leadership, and what it means to be an awakened employee. The interactive presentation format in our conference room enables participants to share in the lively discussions and at the same time, improve their English with the guidance of the teacher.

Course 2, From Seen to See, starts on the second Monday of each month from March to November. This course is largely based on Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. It also highlights the wisdom of other great spiritual teachers,  past and present.  Interactive presentations are divided into small units as a springboard for discussion and language practice. Not only are the sessions engaging and exciting but they are also fun; fluency is enhanced when you are having fun as you explore and discover for yourself insights that may have never occurred to you before. Similarly, as teachers, we are also learners, learning as we teach. Indeed, we teach best that which we need most need to learn!  

You can book a one-week course or a two-week group course.

We accept a maximum of 7 participants per group.

Fees: 1 week, € 1577.00   

The price includes all of the following:

  • Collection from Dublin Airport;

  • Host-family accommodation: own room, breakfast and evening meal each day;

  • Energising Through English, 09.00 - 13.30, Monday to Friday, plus Ireland and its Culture, 14.30 to 17.30 Monday to Thursday (Fri. afternoon is free);

  • Weekly commuter ticket for trips in and around Dublin;

  • Mid-morning snack and refreshments with your teachers, Monday to Friday;

  • Two evenings out with teachers per week with tickets to all events;

  • Full-day Saturday excursion into the countryside;

  • Bluefeather OM e-link (post-course e-mail support).