Energising Through English: Self-Development & Fluency

Course 1: Ireland and its Culture, a.m. and p.m. - First Monday of each month
Course 2: Ireland and its Culture, a.m. and p.m. -  Second Monday of each month
Course 3: English and Mindfulness,  a.m. /  Ireland and its Culture,  p.m. - Third  Monday
Course 4: English and Mindfulness,  a.m. /  Ireland and its Culture,  p.m.  - Fourth  Monday

English and Mindfulness

  • Improve your fluency in English and enhance your self-awareness;
  • Interconnect through English as we investigate the transition from me to we;
  • Know your strengths and strengthen your knowledge of English;
  • Reveal a fresh understanding and deeper awareness of success through English;
  • Explore the ideas of vision and values through English;
  • Investigate Mindfulness through English and engage with the mindset of inquiry;
  • Afternoons and evenings: discover Dublin and Ireland and improve your English through interactive presentations and exciting cultural trips!

Please find detailed information on the courses here in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Morning Sessions

In the mornings, we work on improving all the four main skills in language acquisition: listening practice, speaking practice, reading and pronunciation practice, as well as some writing practice. The main focus of the morning will be on speaking practice and vocabulary expansion through discussions based on our interactive presentations.

Afternoon Sessions

In the afternoons, we use the same teaching model to explore Dublin and Ireland. We follow up with visits to places around Dublin and its environment. This experiential approach to learning is also a great way of expanding your vocabulary and developing your confidence in an authentic context.

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